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Broadridge Payments as a Service

Transform your payments operation with a modern, cost-effective outsourcing solution.

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More than ready for the future:
Broadridge Payments-as-a-Service

The outsourcing solution for banks and financial institutions in Europe

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The European market for payment transactions is changing rapidly.

And the challenges banks and financial institutions are facing when it comes to regulatory and mandatory market changes are growing equally fast.

For example, the implementation of payment services directive PSD2, migrations to TARGET2, ISO 20022 and SEPA.

And there are even more challenges on the horizon, resulting, for example, from Request to Pay and SEPA IP via TIPS.



What are the implications?

Banks and financial institutions will have to restructure their systems to comply with the directives and guidelines, requiring substantial projects and R&D investment in their payment infrastructure.

Doing this will take a lot of time and money, not to mention the risks involved.

Perhaps you have already thought to yourself: Do we really have to do all of this on our own?



You don’t.

Because with Broadridge Payments-as-a-Service you have the opportunity to transform, quickly and efficiently, by outsourcing your payment processing. Starting immediately.

Simply by using our robust technology infrastructure, advanced payments solutions and operations outsourcing that are available now as an external resource.

With Broadridge, a financially strong Fintech company and one of the world’s leading outsourcing service providers - and a collaborating expert for state-of-the-art payments solutions - you have the ideal partner to guide your payment transactions into the future - reliably and securely.


Broadridge Payments-as-a-Service enables you to stay ahead of increasing market dynamics and ever-shorter innovation cycles, while helping you to meet your compliance objectives and boosting your competitiveness.

Focus on what is really important to you: Your core business.

We will take care of the rest, starting now: with Broadridge Payments-as-a-Service.

We are ready for the future.

Are you?



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