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Manage, track and execute every proxy vote on a single platform with automated workflows.

Add third party research reports, Broadridge data-driven research, analytics and reporting and much more

Instantly customize reports by proposal category (including detailed ESG categories) and date range via on-demand audit history, to keep proxy votes aligned with policy, instructions and management recommendations. Plus, use Broadridge ProxyDisclosure® to easily meet all SEC disclosure requirements.

Adding new custodial accounts is fast and easy

Simply submit account registration requests directly to your custodian through ProxyEdge. Select a single account or use bulk templates to upload multiple accounts at once—up to 2500. The escalation feature minimizes delays.

Comply with your ESG principles while delivering additional value to your clients

Share Management Solution, through ProxyEdge, combines the power of lending and proxy data. It gives users the ability to see upcoming record dates of any public company, globally, and incorporates the materiality score of each meeting.

Access everything you need for due diligence and proxy vote execution

Get unmatched insight and analysis based on EDGAR sourced historical data with Broadridge Proxy Policies and Insights. Identify and benchmark your policies and ESG objectives against key industry trends with inputs from SEC DEF14A, 8-K and N-PX filings.

Gain unmatched flexibility and control

More Choice. Less Effort. Greater Value.

Flag key meetings, markets, accounts or proposals with advanced custom alerts. Easily add new custodial banks and brokers via automated account setup.

Three Service Levels Tailored to Your Needs

Whether you need basic functionality or full access to independent research, our system is designed to minimize effort and maximize value.

Easily Meet all SEC Disclosure Requirements

Proxy Disclosure simplifies vote-history reporting for all paper, digital or third-party proxies, taking the complexity out of compliance.

Integrated Recommendation Providers

We offer a broad range of integrated recommendation providers across a range of markets.

Integrated Recommendation Provider Markets Covered
Proxy, Policies and Insights (Shareholder Value Model) Global coverage
Proxy, Policy and Insights (MSCI ESG Model) Global coverage
Australian Council of Superannuation Investors Limited (ACSI) Australia
DSW Germany
Egan-Jones Global
European Corporate Governance Service (ECGS) Europe
Frontis Governance Italy
Glass, Lewis & Co. Global
Governance Visions Japan
InGovern Research Services India
Institutional Investor Advisory Services India Limited (IiAS) India
Interfaith Council on Corporate Responsibility (ICCR) United States
Nordic Investor Services Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark
ProxInvest France
Stakeholders Empowerment Services (SES) India
Sustainalytics ESG Overlay Global coverage

Discover how we can simplify proxy voting for your firm from start to finish.

Discover how we can simplify proxy voting for your firm from start to finish.

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