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Data Management and Archival

Make your customer communications data smarter

Turn your customer data into insight you can use. Data Management and Archival from Broadridge lets utilities analyze and apply data across documents and channels while supporting retention requirements in a secure, searchable and conveniently accessible environment.

One data input supports omni-channel communications

Our robust, compliant Data Management and Archival solution optimizes and distributes content according to customer preferences, business rules and industry regulations.

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Enriches Document and Preference Data
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Enhances Indexing and Tagging
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Streamlines Batch Loading
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Offers Rules-Based Retention
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Provides Robust Search and Retrieval
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Supports Archival Regulations

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One data input, multiple benefits

  • One repository supports all channels – from print to digital and emerging
  • Data is accepted in any format where it is standardized, indexed and tagged
  • Indexing and tagging are tailored to meet corporate retention and reporting needs


  • Data can be stored in multiple formats to support unique access requirements
  • AES 256-bit encryption and SEC 17a-4 compliance protects customer data

Reimagine Communications

Reimagine essential communications as an opportunity to drive customer engagement, efficiencies and business results.

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