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- The pandemic has brought a number of unique challenges to the workplace. Not least the need to work remotely. And Broadridge was able to transition smoothly within a matter of days. And in so doing, we needed to transition, well, the governance and processes from that, traditional environment to the virtual environment.

- The second part of that challenge, very closely correlated, is the spike of volume and volatility. These are unprecedented numbers, but having Broadridge technology and operations outsourcing side by side, truly proved to hit our client's needs, to be able to navigate this pandemic. Broadridge was really well positioned to help our clients. Market volatility in volumes was the highest we've seen, in decades. Across our technology platform, we've seen two times volumes, and an operations outsourcing, we saw an increase of almost 40% of activities.

- At the start of the pandemic, a global tier one bank, an existing clients of Broadridge's on the technology side, were struggling to scale their operational staff, as volumes increased. Knowing that Broadridge had a robust managed services offering, they approached us looking for help across a number of operational areas, including settlements and options. We were able to rapidly deploy a team, to help them meet that new demand. Today that team continues to exist, helping that global bank with their day-to-day operations. And at the same time, the underlying technology, has scaled to meet the daily volume increases.

- Broadridge is positioned to offer our clients, many unique benefits. Where we have our Broadridge technology and our Broadridge operations outsourcing working side by side. You get the greatest level of expertise, when you have both components together.

- Continuous improvement is in our DNA. And having access to a manage services team, which allows us to validate our ideas and thesis, is incredibly important. And allows us to bring improvements to our clients, which in turn allows them to drive their own businesses and grow revenues. Broadridge has taken what we have learned, through the pandemic and incorporated it into our processes and procedures. Looking to offer the best services to our clients. And while we've strengthened our core offerings, we have also expanded them into new services, allowing our clients to leverage more of what we have to offer.

- Broadridge when you think about the technology and the operations outsourcing is truly a one-stop shop. We want our clients to have a simplistic, but also a very stable approach, without all of the pain that comes with having it fragmented.

- If you're looking for an outsourcing partner, you unlock real value when you select Broadridge. At Broadridge, we're ready to help. And we know what you do next, matters most.

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