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Consumer Preference and Profile Management

Verify consumer identities and manage preferences efficiently

Consumer Preference and Profile Management from Broadridge streamlines customer profile management — from initial identity validation to the capture, maintenance and audit of their preferences across all channels. Plus, it helps insurance companies build better connections, capture attention and increase brand loyalty by enabling customers to securely manage their own delivery instructions.

Build comprehensive consumer profiles

Combine customer information with data derived from their use of channels and third-party sources to generate comprehensive and consensual profiles that help you to better understand their needs and deliver communications when, where and how they prefer.

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Validate Consumer Identities
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Simplify Preference Management
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Manage Paper Suppression
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Maintain Consumer Profiles
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Support Brands with Hosted UI
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Address Compliance Needs

Build and Oversee Optimal Customer Profiles

Consumer Preference and Profile Management

Supporting all channels, all customers

  • Validates customer identities and empowers them to maintain their profile information, including preferences for paperless delivery of bills, policies, notices and letters
  • Manages delivery and notification preferences across all channels


  • Supports control at the enterprise, business-unit and document-type level
  • Aggregates customer preferences into a single view for consolidated insight
  • Integrates with print to suppress paper documents for reduced costs

Reimagine Communications

Reimagine essential communications as an opportunity to drive customer engagement, efficiencies and business results.

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