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Performance and Attribution

Get a more nuanced view of performance

Differentiate your investment offering with reporting and attribution tools that analyze performance from all angles. This customizable solution accommodates a wide range of measures, across multiple time periods, and integrates with existing accounting and client reporting platforms.

Performance attribution simplified

Gain real insight into what drives and detracts from your performance with attribution by sector, strategy or any segment you specify, as well as analysis by local currency versus FX impact.

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Mobile and Tablet Compatible
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Automatic Performance Updates
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Integrates with Other Platforms
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Customizable Time Periods
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Multiple Performance and Ex-Post Risk Measures

Product Specifications

Complete Set of Performance Analytics Tools

  • Fund-Level Net and Gross TWR plus Net IRR in up to 4 currencies
  • Asset-Level Performance - Computation of returns, weights and contributions at position-level
  • Market Segment Performance - Aggregation of position contributions by geography, strategy, sector and user-definable security attributes

  • Benchmark Comparison - Fund vs. benchmark performance charting and benchmark-relative excess return measures such as Excess Return Proportion
  • Fund Analytics - Standard Statistics, (Alpha, Beta, Volatility, Correlation, R-Squared), Standard Ratios (Sharpe, Sortino, Treynor, Jensen, Information Ratio) and more
  • Historic Performance Measurement - Import of historical accounting and benchmark data since inception

Advanced Performance Reporting

  • Standard Performance Reports - Presentation quality outputs for Fund vs. Benchmark, Performance by Segment, Best/Worst Performers and Contributors
  • Dashboard & Mobile Data Warehouse Reporting


The Value of Integration

  • Powered by the market-leading SaaS performance provider and calculation engine, and underpinned by Broadridge’s market-leading technology platform. Seamless performance platform integration with automated portfolio data upload and performance metrics download to Broadridge’s data warehouse to support the investment process and client reporting
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