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Print Delivery and Postal Optimization

Improve quality, speed delivery and lower the cost of print communications

Essential customer communications deserve world-class printing and delivery. Broadridge Print Delivery and Postal Optimization solutions leverage our nationwide infrastructure of facilities and technology to deliver flexible, cost-effective solutions for quality production and mailing.

Engage customers at a lower cost with our proven process

Produce personalized, high-quality print communications in full color while reducing postal costs, accelerating delivery, keeping up with postal changes and gaining mail stream insight.

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High-Speed, Full-Color
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Automated Intelligent Insertion
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Variable Data Digital Print
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MICR Check Processing
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Postal Optimization Solutions
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Near Real-time Reporting

Expand Your Print and Postal Capabilities

Digital Press Technology

Personalized mailings for your utility customers

  • Add personalization, including data-driven graphics such as charts and tables
  • Add spot or full color to engage your customers
  • Produce “virtual" inserts for bills and statements

Address Direct®

Ensures addresses meet USPS standards

  • Identifies new addresses that need attention
  • Resolves any bad addresses through the use of embedded CASS, AEC, and NCOA logic
  • Includes closed-loop reporting with account-level address and production information

Smart ComminglingSM

Presorts your print and mail logically, determining the best path to maximize efficiency

  • Combines mail that does not meet density standards with other First-Class Mail for finer zip code sort
  • Lower postal rates and accelerate delivery by bypassing the local postal facility


Bundles mailings into one StatementPack envelope for delivery to same address

  • Each recipient's mail remains in its own envelope within the StatementPack
  • Lowers postage costs through utilization of a single mail piece
  • Offers customers privacy, security and the convenience of a single delivery

Automated Return Mail Processing

Automation reduces processing time, effort and cost

  • Provides details about addresses for returned mail, including account number, name and mailing address
  • Undeliverable mail is received and processed daily
  • Electronic files are created in the Address Direct file format and transmitted to you
  • After processing, the returned mail is securely shredded
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