Beneficial Proxy Services

Seamlessly connect with street holders for all your regulatory communications

When brokers work with Broadridge you benefit from a provider who plans, executes and delivers your proxy and shareholder communications with modern and proven processing solutions. Using our centralized solution you work with a single entity across all your street positions, simplifying the process.

A centralized solution supports a successful annual meeting and vote outcome

Our innovative tools and technology simplify proxy processing for the industry and drive down your costs.

ISO27001 Certified
Real-Time Voting
Regulatory Risk

Non-Objecting Beneficial Owners (NOBO) List Requests

A NOBO list contains beneficial shareholder name, mailing address and share amounts. A company can request a NOBO list from Broadridge, and we will obtain a consolidated list from our bank and broker clients for a given record date. Broadridge will provide this list to you on a CDROM.

Please note: The record date must be two or more business days from the request date and will take five days from the record date to process. E-mail addresses and telephone numbers are not included on the NOBO list.

Non Objecting Beneficial Owner (NOBO) Request Form

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