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About Broadridge

ESG Analyzer SM

A powerful benchmarking tool to inform your ESG program and disclosure strategy.

Create Dynamic Groups of Up to 20 Peers

See what peers are disclosing and what they are not. Find out which policies and commitments they have made and uncover how they—and you—align with leading ESG frameworks.

Delve into the Data in the Ways You Require

Search by keyword. Explore metrics within Environment, Social (Employee), Social (Community) and Governance. Filter by standard, disclosure status, bookmarks and more. Access multiple types of tables including competitive and aspirational views.

Each data point has been carefully gathered, documented, analyzed and compared.

Gain access to source documents for the disclosed data. Explore disclosure percentages by industry and sector and performance ranking. See side-by-side comparisons to disclosed peer data. All through a clear, standardized view.

Focus Your ESG Effort for Impact

See how you can simplify your strategy

ESG Analyzer provides a robust repository of public ESG disclosures and underlying metrics designed to empower you to perform detailed benchmarking against peers, identify opportunities and gaps, prioritize efforts and control your ESG narrative.

  • 5K+ issuers in North America
  • 2MM+ data points
  • 380+ topics specifically from issuer data  

You’ll benefit from:

  • An easy-to-use, intuitive dashboard
  • A wealth of AI-curated data
  • Links to original data sources
  • Ability to benchmark and analyze within ESG Analyzer—or export data for use in other tools
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Get in touch to learn more.

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