Revenue and Expense Management

Ensure cash flow efficiency and maximize profitability

Realize gains in efficiency, cut accounts receivable time in half and drive down resource costs with our revenue and expense calculation engine. Broadridge's solution, Revport, automates your billing and invoicing workflow, while providing a 360° view, helping you focus on growth.

Streamline billing and invoicing processes

Our sophisticated Revenue and Expense Management engine, Revport, automates rules-based finance workflow as well as revenue accruals and reversals - reducing error and increasing efficiency.

Invoice, Fee and Data Validation
Business Intelligence
Simple Exception Processing
SaaS /Managed Service Options

Save costs and find efficiencies with our revenue and expense management tool, Revport

Chris John, Broadridge's President of Revenue and Expense Management, discusses how Revport's rulebased technology creates a sophisticated workflow to bring greater efficiency to the firm.

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Solving revenue and expense management challenges

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