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Finance and Accounting

Streamline critical activities across your product control.

Multi-asset class, multi-currency, multi-entity, multi-region global processing

  • Tap into our configurable components that consolidate and digitize global finance and accounting activities across asset classes, currencies, regions, and entities for greater transparency, consistency, and efficiency

Gain a single, real-time view into activity across your business

  • Effectively manage collateral, reduce error-prone manual interventions, transaction data, and client onboarding
  • Anticipate and manage exceptions in real-time to reduce fails

Leverage a unified API framework for better access and streamlined integration

  • Open API provides easy integration with downstream consumers such as corporate general ledger, risk management, treasury, margin management, securities lending
  • Connect to other third-party or proprietary apps using flexible API configuration

Reduce data complexity and improve system performance

  • Flexible, on-demand and scheduled reporting via a single, unified user interface
  • Reduce the burden of servicing and supporting fragmented systems
  • Consolidate multiple systems used for the same activities
  • Control, manage, and harmonize process-specific data 
  • Establish consistent reporting for regulatory and compliance obligations 

What is included in our Finance and Accounting post -trade processing solution?

Our services include State-of-the-art functionality to consolidate and simplify finance & accounting activities across regions and asset classes including:


Global Position Manager (GPM)

Gain a real-time, consolidated and global view of all securities positions and cash balances to drive informed decision making, effectively manage collateral, automate reconciliation and reduce operational risk.

Features of this app include:

  • A breakdown of your exposure in unsettled positions with a view of the underlying trades
  • Separate views of trade date and settlement date positions and balances thus, enabling trading decisions
  • Multi-day projections allowing you to predict your funding needs
  • A complete audit trail to aid research and investigation and to comply with regulatory requirements such as 15c3-1 net capital rules and 15c3-3 customer assets protection rules

Global Profit and Loss (GPL)

Track inventory cost basis across your global operations to enhance efficiency, mitigate risk of breaks, and reduce costs.

Features of this app include:

  • A consistent view of Profit and Loss removing the need for consolidation from disparate systems
  • Simplified reconciliation through rules driven price marking between the front-office and back-office Profit and Loss
  • Support for bespoke price usage, multiple accounting and amortization methods across different regions and businesses
  • Support for multiple Profit and Loss methodologies
  • Automatic backdated change adjustments for factors and interest rates
  • A complete audit trail for research and investigation and standardized downstream reporting for Product Control
  • Out-of-the box integration with the Global Subledger app

Global Subledger (GSL)

Consolidate your Subledger across asset classes, geographies and accounting rules; feed the Subledger to your corporate general ledger while adhering to GAAP, IFRS, and other global standards.

Features of this app include:

  • Standardized set of posting rules and Chart of Accounts
  • Flexible accounting rules and balance sheet treatment to support complex businesses such as syndicate trades, forwards and TBAs, securities financing, reissues, when-issued trading and back-to-back trades
  • Consolidated financial reporting and industry practice alignment through balance sheet netting capability on CUSIP level
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements such as FIN41 via repo and reverse repo netting
  • Balance sheet consolidation for substantiation
  • Robust audit trail of journal postings and Subledger activity
  • Out-of-the box integration with the Global Profit and Loss app

Schedule a demo with us to learn if our solution is right for you.

Schedule a demo with us to learn if our solution is right for you.

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