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2019 CX and Communications Trends for Financial Services

How to capture the experience that investors really want.

Broadridge study of more than 1,000 North American investors reveals key insights into CX and communications as a means to more profitable, engaging interactions.

Survey infographic

Improving CX and communications results in more profitable, engaging investor interactions.

Successful firms will find ways to bring simplicity, personalization and innovation to statements, creating the experiences their investors crave.

Broadridge can help. For more survey insights, download the report, CX and Communications Trends for 2019.


SOURCE: Annual CX and Communications Survey, Broadridge, 2019
ABOUT THE RESEARCH: The infographic data set includes 1,000 financial services investors. The full survey includes 3,004 residents of North America aged 25+; 2,501 from the U.S. and 503 from Canada; 50/50 split male to female; 95% of respondents are responsible for reviewing finances and paying bills with 65% reporting they are the primary bill payer and 30% sharing the responsibility with someone else in their household.