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Rapid Onboarding

Dramatically speed onboarding while minimizing your effort

Onboard your communications – including EOBs, ID cards, invoices, statements and enrollment materials –65%+ faster with our proprietary solution.

Experience faster, easier onboarding of your member and patient communications

Onboard your communications more efficiently without sacrificing flexibility or features with our proven Rapid Onboarding process and tools.

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Cuts Onboarding Time by Up to 65%
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Supports Omni-Channel Delivery
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Offers Full Address Correction
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Includes Document Template Library
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Standardizes Data Formats
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Reduces Manual Data Mapping

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Rapid Onboarding standardizes data and offers flexible templates specifically developed for healthcare.

  • Enables print image communications to be prepared for omni-channel delivery
  • Eliminates the need for custom code, reducing maintenance costs and time
  • Requires little to no involvement of your technical resources
  • Reads documents like a human by using software and artificial intelligence 
  • Finds and extracts data from images without ambiguity
  • Transforms the extracted data into a fielded data element
  • Supports workflows with configurable engine
  • Offers self-service management of lookup data
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A robust platform, delivering 5B+ communications annually

Households receive a communication from Broadridge, on average of 4 times a month.
Brands trust Broadridge to deliver their essential communications.
Patents and pending applications for technology innovations.
Photo: Telecom sales rep meets with a new customer, demonstrating electronic communications capabilities Photo: Telecom sales rep meets with a new customer, demonstrating electronic communications capabilities

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