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About Broadridge

Global Asset Servicing

Our cloud-enabled solution improves your operational efficiency, timeliness and accuracy, and reduces risk.

Standardize and Automate Processes To Support Global, Multi Entity Business

Central core solution that enables event management for multiple business entities across global operations. Scale corporate actions operations according to your business providing one version of the truth across all operations and clients.

Effectively manage corporate actions event management across Investment Bank, Custody, Capital Markets, Private Bank, Wealth Management and Asset Management business streams with one cloud enabled platform.

Reduction of Operational Risk Across Event Lifecycle

Control and management of all event components enabling one version of truth for Golden Record of event data, entitlement data and elections data. Exception based processing gives the power to dictate STP and/or raise tasks to the user with user defined risk points throughout the event lifecycle.

Reduce manual intervention with automation across the whole event and eliminate the risk of operational losses with business rule-controlled workflows at each stage of the event processing.

Add Value To Your Client Relationship Through Sophistication

Enable your clients to simplify the way they use corporate actions with simplified elections experience and out-of-the-box automation of complex event workflows such as election and entitlement optimisation for tax incorporation and stock lending flows.

Real time availability of data provides clients with a heavy reliance on availability of data access to event data as soon as it is available in the market which enables quick, well-informed decision making.

Eliminate Technology Infrastructure Maintenance with Cloud Solution

Cloud hosted infrastructure managed and maintained on your behalf enabling faster go live times, ability to scale and the highest standards of data security with no additional support cost or maintenance.

One Central Solution for Corporate Actions Management

Get in touch and see if our Global Asset Servicing solution is right for you.

Get in touch and see if our Global Asset Servicing solution is right for you.

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