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When you tell people that over 60% of our industry is paying out over USD2 million in corporate action losses every year, you expect them to disagree. What you don’t expect is for them to disagree by telling you that the total losses should be much higher than that – and that the real number should range from USD3-5 million (at a business unit level) to hundreds of millions at a corporate level.

Today corporate actions are coming out of the shadows. After a long period of focus purely on efficiency gains, the industry is now ready to spend on corporate action automation as a headline organizational priority – with the objective of reducing risk above all else.

Drawing on feedback received from over 250 organizations globally (across all organizational profiles and geographies and subsequent qualitative discussions), this industry-wide report is designed to provide you with actionable insights that will help you to make sense of the unprecedented change going on in the corporate actions space today. In cooperating with The Value Exchange, ISSA, ASIFMA, The Network Forum and Global Custodian magazine on this research, the intent is not only to help you to form the right plan your organization – but also to present a market-wide view of areas in which the entire ecosystem can cooperate, in order to accelerate progress.




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