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Navigating Regulatory Change in Asia Pacific

Educate, prepare and consolidate.

Navigating Regulatory Change in Asia Pacific

Regulation has always been the bugbear of the financial sector. On the one hand, it is a necessary part of stable industry growth. On the other, regulatory requirements are one of the biggest challenges for financial institutions today.

Nowhere is the regulatory challenge more acute than in Asia Pacific, where a confluence of cultures, political systems, languages, and financial systems come together daily across the region. Increasing global regulation compounds the challenge and will force Asia Pacific firms to deal with not just regional regulations, but extraterritorial regulations such as those from the E.U. or the U.S.

While compliance is not always straightforward, certain best practices can make things easier. Through proper education on, preparation for, and consolidation of compliance efforts, financial institutions can lower cost and create a competitive advantage.

In this report, in partnership with Kapronasia, we look at some of the key regulatory trends affecting financial institutions in Asia Pacific. Based on discussions with regulatory experts from across the region, the report offers a practical guide on how to be better prepared for future regulation.

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