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Market insights from Broadridge - Winter 2020

In this edition, we focus on technology innovation and mandatory market change. The year ahead will be a significant time of change for the financial services industry globally, with the revised Shareholder Rights Directive (SRD II), LIBOR replacement and more on the horizon. In the content below, we aim to help you prepare for what comes next by providing the latest market insight and Fintech news.

New Product: Broadridge Data Control Intelligent Automation

We are proud to launch Broadridge Data Control Intelligent Automation, a new artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) platform built to be deployed across industrywide reconciliation, matching and exception management applications. Learn how the next generation platform can automatically enhance reconciliation matching and exception resolution to provide you with more time for mission-critical activity.


Video: Shareholder Rights Directive – It’s Time to Act!

The revised Shareholder Rights Directive (SRD II) is set to significantly impact investor communications. Providers of securities services must soon comply with complex new rules on how information is shared, including a requirement to provide shareholder identification, stricter timeframes for agenda distribution and vote processing, and increased transparency along the investor communications chain. Are you ready?


Video: Tim Gokey Discusses Adapting to Change in the Financial Industry

Increasing cost pressures and regulatory requirements have proved to be significant challenges for firms across the financial services industry. Watch Tim Gokey, President and CEO, discuss how firms can adopt new technologies to address change and overcome challenges in the industry.


White Paper: LIBOR Replacement

If you are a holder and/or issuer of LIBOR-linked securities extending beyond the end of 2021, the time to prepare is now. It should be an urgent priority to not only evidence support for the transition but also build internal expertise required to compete in the post-LIBOR marketplace. Find out more in our white paper about what you need to consider to get ready for this change.


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