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About Broadridge

FIX Technology and Client Connectivity Services

Industry leading FIX engine technology and services that fit seamlessly into any technology environment.

FIX Technology and Services to Accelerate Time-to-Revenue

  • AI-automated onboarding and exception management capabilities
  • Flexible service model allows for a fully or partially managed solution based on your needs
  • Advanced tools enable you to create custom and dynamic routing rules on the fly

Industry Leading FIX Engines Deliver Outstanding Performance, Flexibility and Stability

  • Suitable for buy-side and sell-side firms of all sizes
  •  Rich set of cross-language APIs enable easy plug-in with third-party apps
  •  Fault tolerance mode for uninterrupted trading
  • Low latency and high availability connectivity across asset classes

Full, Enterprise-Wide Visibility of Current and Historical FIX Sessions

  • Automated testing to save time and reduce errors
  •  Automated session monitoring
  •  Real-time alerts to minimize issues
  •  No reliance on counterparty test environments


Reduction in client onboarding time (vs manual).


Global FIX engine market penetration.


Clients using our automated tools for regression testing.

Enhance Your FIX Trading Technology and Services

Our flexible platform provides a full suite of FIX trading technology and supporting services.

Testing, Verification & Certification

A feature-rich testing and simulation tool with AI-automated client certification to vet FIX counterparties quickly and cleanly.

Session Monitoring & Management

Full, enterprise-wide visibility into current and historical sessions with proactive alerting to catch issues before they become major problems.

Client Onboarding & Exception Management

A web-based interface for automated onboarding and instant certification of FIX counterparties.

FIX Engines & Tools

Designed for flexibility and customization, our industry leading FIX engines and tools cover the full breadth of multi-asset trading and connectivity, while fitting seamlessly into any technology environment, whether fully integrated or as standalone applications.

Managed FIX Services

A normalization service connecting you to your trading counterparties whether the flow is in-bound from clients or outbound to brokers.

Lets talk about what's next for you<br><br>Our representatives and specialists are ready with the solutions you need to move your trading and connectivity forward.

Lets talk about what's next for you

Our representatives and specialists are ready with the solutions you need to move your trading and connectivity forward.

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