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About Broadridge

Agency Trading

Multi-asset agency trading platform for the sell side.

Support high and low touch workflows with trade exception management.

  • Supports high and low touch workflows with exception management
  • Flexibility for managing complex portfolio trading
  • Access order routing network connects with 1,800+ buy and sell-sides
  • State-of-the-art liquidity-seeking strategies

Automated Workflows Reduce Administration Errors and Cost

  • Centralized dashboard enables exception-based workflows and full audit trail
  • Supports all major allocation and confirmation workflows
  • Extensive customization enables clients to profile key information and achieve greater STP

Stay Compliant with Low Latency, Pre-Trade Risk and Trade Reporting Tools

  • Aggregate all transactional front office data in one centralized system
  • Cover local and regional regulations, such as MiFID II, CAT and RegNMS
  • Utilize fully customizable reporting and a comprehensive audit trail to ensure compliance now and in the future

Enhance Your Agency Trading with the Following Components

Our flexible sell-side order management system provides an array of cross-asset functionality to optimize your full trade lifecycle.

High-Touch Trading

Modular, customizable high-touch functionality, such as flow automation, position management and trade reporting, enables business-specific deployment and integrates seamlessly with the rest of your trading business while providing the tools you need for best execution.

Low-Touch Trading

In today’s trading landscape the demand for a fit-for-purpose low-touch trading system has never been higher. Our low-touch platform is designed to automate high-volume trade flow across all asset classes.

Portfolio Trading

Our portfolio trading module enables you to electronically trade baskets of stocks simultaneously for index arbitrage, portfolio restructuring or outright buy/sell interests.

Compliance Reporting

With the regulatory environment in a constant state of flux, you must ensure compliance, control risk, and reduce costs in all your trading. Our agency trading platform captures detailed audit trails, delivering complete order flow transparency for all participants across all markets.

Lets talk about what's next for you<br><br>Our representatives and specialists are ready with the solutions you need to move your trading and connectivity forward.

Lets talk about what's next for you

Our representatives and specialists are ready with the solutions you need to move your trading and connectivity forward.

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