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About Broadridge

Optimized Billing and Payment Processes Accelerate Cash Flow for an Investment Management Firm

Leverages scale, trim costs and improve service with a dynamic, in-house billing system.

Client Overview:

  • Global Asset Management Firm / AUM: $131.1 B
  • Specializes in investment strategies for institutions, intermediaries, retirement platforms and individual investors.

Problems Faced:

  • The firm sought a dynamic billing solution to leverage scale, reduce costs, and enhance service levels.
  • Bringing billing in-house aligned with their goals, growth metrics, and business priorities.
  • The tight implementation window following an acquisition posed a challenge.

Broadridge Solution

  • Broadridge enterprise fee billing management solution supporting Asset Managers, Wealth Managers, and Capital Market business lines
    • Revenue & Expense Fee Billing
    • A/R & Collections
    • Reconciliations
    • Business Intelligence

Why Broadridge:

  • The firm reevaluated revenue and expense management needs due to a significant acquisition.
  • Selected Broadridge as a business partner for their comprehensive solution.
  • Broadridge's onsite team was accommodating and easy to work with during the onboarding process.
  • Broadridge's in-house billing solution aligned with the firm's mission of transformation and growth.
  • The solution was deemed a great fit right from the start by the firm's team.

Client Results:

  • Achieved data consolidation for improved efficiency and better decision-making.
  • Streamlined processes for enhanced operational effectiveness and time savings.
  • Accelerated cash flow through optimized billing and payment processes.
  • Reduced operating costs by eliminating manual and inefficient tasks.
  • Enhanced control and transparency with comprehensive visibility into fee management processes.


“Due to the acquisition, we had an incredibly tight implementation window – a few months shorter than what they normally have – but the onsite [Broadridge] team was easy to work with and eager to accommodate”

“Bringing the billing back in-house promised to deliver on our goals, our growth metrics and other business priorities for the near- and long-term future,” noted the Investment Management Firm’s Assistant Controller.

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