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Turn Monthly Bills into Customer Engagement Opportunities

Turn Monthly Bills into Customer Engagement Opportunities

Your essential communications – such as bills, newsletters, and notices – hold the power of building brand loyalty, influencing energy-usage behavior, reducing call center volume and costs, and accelerating the meter-to-cash cycle. To quantify the impact of essential communications on the customer experience, we surveyed 3,000 North American customers and asked about their communication preferences, payment behaviors, thoughts on going paperless, personal cloud storage and more.

This exciting research reveals consumer communication preferences, payment behaviors, and thoughts on emerging technologies. DOWNLOAD REPORT.

Communication Solutions Designed to Support Utilities

Broadridge’s technology-driven communication solutions – including document composition, print and digital delivery, postal optimization, archival, and analytics – reduce costs, deliver insights, and satisfy growing consumer demand for omni-channel communications.

Print and postal optimization solutions:

  • With a versatile range of applications, high-resolution and full-color capabilities, and quality processes, Broadridge Customer Communications is the largest inkjet systems printer and one of the largest USPS First-Class transactional mailers.
  • We serve as advocates and work to drive postal regulations that benefit our customers and result in the lowest possible combined cost for both letter size and flat-shaped mail. We deliver this through a variety of postal optimization solutions, including No Touch Return Mail, Smart Commingling, Intelligent Mail Barcode, address quality and more.
  • Our geographically-dispersed print facilities and data centers offer world-class physical security and effective disaster avoidance and recovery. Our high-availability infrastructure with control measures exceed industry benchmarks.

Digital solutions:

  • Digital communications create personalized, interactive, self-service experiences for customers, enabling you to reduce operational and call center costs.
  • By combining transactional data with relevant marketing content and delivering it across digital channels, you can increase customer engagement, loyalty, and upsell and cross-sell opportunities.
  • With one connection, you can reach customers across the digital channels they use daily to manage their lives: emails, SMS, secure PDFs, microsites, personal cloud storage, web and mobile presentment, and online banking channels.

Communication consulting services:

Supporting the communications spectrum—from operational excellence to customer experience—our consulting services draw upon our deep industry expertise and go beyond what a typical management consulting firm delivers. Each engagement is designed to achieve desired outcomes—from accelerating payments to reducing service calls.

Broadridge helps utilities transform their customer communications into interactive, engaging experiences. As the leader in omni-channel customer communications – delivering more than 5 billion annual communications and reaching 80%+ of North America households – we’re passionate about making every communication more valuable.


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