Reference Data Management

All pricing and reference data management options under one roof

Reference Data Management supports all outsourcing, software and services across your enterprise for the acquisition, cleansing, storage and distribution of global pricing and reference data.

All-in-one pricing and reference data services

A complete outsourcing service providing both accurate pricing data for analysis and compliance and a centralized reference data solution to manage security terms and conditions and corporate actions.

Price Master
Security Master

Product Specifications

Price Master

Centralized pricing and market data.

Price Master is a comprehensive pricing and analysis solution that supports the complex pricing and valuation needs of today's investment by providing flexible access to reliable, centrally stored market data. It offers:

  • Versatile user interface
  • Standardized vendor adapters
  • Pricing rule designer
  • Complete audit trail
  • Compliance report library
  • Message-based posting facility

Security Master

A global repository for managing security terms and conditions, and corporate actions.

Security Master improves firm-wide data quality and eliminates manual processes. It manages security terms and conditions and corporate actions by consolidating multiple streams of reference data into a single "Prime Copy" for distribution across your enterprise.

  • Complete global asset coverage
  • Real-time trading systems communication
  • Rules-based arbitrated Prime Copy
  • Standardized market data adapters
  • Real-time corporate action alerts
  • Centralized document management
  • Data validation tools

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