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Enhanced Packaging

Cultivate securityholder engagement and response

Increase the effectiveness of securityholder communication and make sure your mailings are not getting lost in the clutter. Our Enhanced Packaging mailers showcase your brand to get the attention of securityholders and are proven to increase open rates, voter engagement and participation.

Increase open rates, brand awareness, and voter participation

Get critical messages, company reports, enrollment forms and ballots into the hands of securityholders. Encourage them to take action using high-impact, branded packaging.

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Boost Open Rates
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Increase Participation
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Introduce New Products
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Drive Web Traffic
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Reduce Escheatment
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Nurture Brand Loyalty

See How Other Companies Use Smart Packaging

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In 2016, we processed over 224B securities on behalf of Canadian issuers.
In 2016, Broadridge delivered $34M savings to Canadian issuers.
In 2016, over 50% of all mailings (as a % of records) were eliminated.
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