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Distributed Ledger Repo (DLR)

Simplify operations with a distributed ledger technology solution (DLT) and gain savings in operational costs.

A Seamless End-to-End Process That Eliminates Error-Prone Manual Steps and Brings Transparency

  • Easy, fast and frictionless post-trade and settlement experience
  • Increased control over collateral allocation and delivery
  • Optimal collateral use for RQV and substitutions
  • Utilization of balance sheet at a lower risk and cost
  • Real-time transparency and auditability

Simultaneous Settlement of Cash, Securities and Immobilization of Collateral Minimalizes Risk

  • A shift of focus from managing post-trade process and managing fails to ramping up trading volume and frequency
  • Limited fails scenarios provide valuable market insights for making strategic decisions on counterparty and partner selection

Reduced Collateral Movements Cuts Clearing Cost for Participants, Creating a Higher Margin

  • Peer-to-peer repo activities
  • Flexible negotiation process with granularity in execution details and settlement timing
  • Reduce collateral delivery/settlement times, cost and risk
  • New models and functionalities - evergreen and extendible term structure, sponsored repo

Full Transparency of Collateral Enables Both Counterparts to Make Strategic Allocation Decisions

  • Reduced capital cost and risk
  • A level playing field that is open to all market participants, meeting a growing market demand
  • Market participants can make quick and independent investment decisions with preferred counterparty and best terms

Apply Next-Gen Technology to Your Advantage

Managing repo transactions on a distributed ledger platform helps firms to boost liquidity and take advantage of new opportunities


Hard-dollar Savings

  • Reduce settlement and operational costs
  • Reduce daylight overdraft fees

Operational Efficiencies

  • Immobilize and optimize use of collateral
  • Eliminate reconciliations between counterparties
  • Reduce disputes and fails


Reduced Risk

  • Automate repo processing and tracking
  • Create a secure record of trade details

Increased Liquidity

  • Reduce financing costs
  • Increase liquidity in the securities lending market for all security types
Get in touch and see if our DLR solution is right for you.

Get in touch and see if our DLR solution is right for you.

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