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Anti-Money Laundering Solution (AMLS)

Combat financial crime using AI and ML to improve your AML surveillance

For firms and institutions looking to enhance their AML surveillance to detect illicit money flows, our AI-based AML platform uses Automated Machine Learning and Federated Learning to decrease false matching and realise productivity gains while mitigating risk.

A comprehensive, modularized AML compliance solution

Broadridge AML operating system is a data agnostic multi-system platform that can be scaled for firms of any size to automate and manage complicated transactional monitoring

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Easy Integration
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Secure Collaborative Intelligence
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Scalable Architecture
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Platform Agnostic
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Automated Self-Improving Machine Learning Engine
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Fast Detection and Alert System

The AML solution is made up of three main components:

Transaction Monitoring

  • Artificial Intelligence driven case detection 
  • Leverages advanced machine learning techniques like AutoML, federated learning and network science 
  • Triages legacy system alerts with clear audit-able explanations 
  • Integrates with existing Transaction Monitoring systems 

Smart Screening

  • Score and distinguish a true match from a false match in real-time and in batches 
  • Leverage machine learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques 
  • Provides secondary screening 
    • Sanctions lists 
    • Politically exposed persons (PEPs) 
    • Adverse media and local/ internal blacklist databases. 

Customer Risk Scoring

  • Dynamically identifies relevant risk indicators across a customer’s activity map 
  • Powerful analytics layer with actionable insights for faster informed decisions 
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An exponentially growing problem for financial institutions

trillion. Money laundered annually
< 1%
of this laundered money is traced
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