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Institutional Market Intelligence

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Harness the power of robust data and leading-edge analytics to steer your firm through the global institutional asset management market. Money in Motion is a cloud-based app for navigation of opaque institutional markets. Giving you the power to make better decisions for sales, marketing and product development.

Data and analysis of institutional assets

Our eight-part service provides detailed, customized market data and business insights on institutional assets through interactive dashboards, benchmarking reports and industry analysis.

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Bespoke Data
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Market Sizing
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Interactive Dashboards
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Quarterly Trend Reports
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Access to Experts


  • Bespoke data appendix of the underlying data set customized to meet your information needs
  • Benchmark reports with detailed market share, rankings and positioning metrics
  • Market matrix sizing for key segments by both total and addressable assets to measure the full market opportunity and evaluate the coverage of the Money in Motion data set against the full market


  • Online dashboards provide full access to an interactive suite of online dashboards for selected regions


  • Webinar tutorial helps optimize the use of our web-based platform with practical guidance and tips
  • Access to our team of experts to help design bespoke dashboards, build benchmarking reports and handle custom information requests


  • Annual bespoke data workshop highlights themes and trends, adds anecdotal color to market developments from our team of experts, and facilitates an informed discussion
  • Quarterly regional trend report on key trends and themes that have emerged from our data set each quarter
  • Expertise from our broader intelligence solution to interpret the drivers behind data, explore business implications and project forward to the future

View the Demo: Global Market Intelligence

Get acquainted with Global Market Intelligence, a solution that provides an integrated, complete view of both domestic and cross-border funds.

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