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File standardized SEC compliance forms online in minutes

As the regulatory landscape shifts, so does the complexity of SEC compliance. But many forms remain standard, creating the opportunity to manage them in house to reduce time and cost. Our intuitive and secure web-based platform guides you step-by-step through composing, reviewing and filing standardized EDGAR forms with the SEC.

Complete, review and file standardized SEC forms online

Tackle Section 16 and other standardized SEC filings quickly and easily in house. Our secure, web-based tool supports an end-to-end workflow from an intuitive interface to help you create and file standardized form types directly with the SEC in minutes.

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Secure, Web-Based Platform
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24/7 Access
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Intuitive Interface
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End-to-End Workflow
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Profile and History Storage
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Real-Time Email Reviews

Fast and hassle-free customer onboarding + Access

  • Flexible licensing model and virtual keys; purchase only what you need
  • Get trained in 15 minutes and schedule additional training whenever you need it 
  • Access the EDGARforms platform anytime, anywhere
  • Intuitive and easy-to-navigate users guide available
  • Allow multiple user access

Superior entities management

  • Store confidential filing codes in an entities database
  • Add, edit and delete entities easily
  • Update series and classes and general information directly from the SEC
  • Store entities database file on your network and access entity information real-time

Simple conversion

  • Use pre-defined templates for new documents or sections of a filing document
  • Convert your source document to SEC-compliant XML seamlessly with minimum to zero cleanup
  • Make edits directly in the editor
  • Copy and paste or import documents from any source application, including Microsoft Word and Excel

Eliminate rework

  • Filer profiles and filing history is stored in the database, eliminating rekeying and avoiding opportunities for mistakes
  • Simplify future filings and amendments

Thorough review

  • Email proofs for distribution to others immediately
  • Export Word, PDF or HTML proofs

Secure filing

  • Test and then live file your document
  • If required, set up password for live filing

Backed by industry experts

  • Our team is available 24/7 to assist, prepare, or file on your behalf
  • Take advantage of 24/7 phone, email, and WebEx support free of charge
  • If there is ever an emergency or time-sensitive information, send us your filing and we will gladly process for you


  • Access the EDGARforms platform anytime, anywhere
  • Intuitive and easy-to-navigate users guide available
  • Allow multiple user access

SEC Disclosures, Simplified

Keep up with regulations and the speed of business without sacrificing accuracy. Explore a faster, easier way to create, manage and file disclosures.

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