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2019 Proxy Season Review

Canadian statistics & performance rating.

2019 Proxy Season Review

This edition of the Canadian Statistics & Performance Rating report provides insights into distribution, shareholder voting data and industry trends for the 2019 proxy season. It covers the results of 3,014 public company meetings held between July 1, 2018 and June 30, 2019.

In the past year, Broadridge delivered new and innovative solutions to drive the efficiency of the proxy process and further enhance securityholder engagement.

Greater engagement through digital enhancements

Broadridge continues to lead the industry in delivering innovative solutions that enhance the shareholder voting experience, drive shareholder engagement and power the proxy ecosystem.

New ProxyVote

We’ve introduced a new app on ProxyVote, which is available for download at the App Store and Google Play. The new app simplifies the voting experience with one-click access to ProxyVote, giving investors anytime, anywhere access from any device.

Virtual Shareholder Meeting

Virtual Shareholder Meeting gives issuers the option to conduct virtual-only or hybrid meetings, demonstrates transparency and strengthens securityholder relationships. Launched in Canada in 2018, Broadridge supported our first virtual-only meeting conducted in October this year.

Shareholder Ownership Report

Our comprehensive and cost-efficient Shareholder Ownership Report provides issuers with an ownership overview of securityholder demographics and geographic location, incorporating ownership breakdown by investor type between retail and institutional investors in North America. We complement our analytics reports with Enhanced Securityholder Analytics - our next step to providing greater insight and transparency into who invests in your company.

Your satisfaction drives our business

We are pleased to report that 96.8% of Canadian issuers were satisfied or very satisfied with the overall service received from Broadridge, based on the responses to this year's Client Satisfaction Survey. We continue to increase our client satisfaction ratings year-over-year and your comments are important to identify opportunities for further improvements. Please email if you have any questions or suggestions.

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2019 Notice and Access Statistics

  • 632 issuers used Notice and Access to deliver proxy materials
  • Less than 1% of investors requested paper materials after receiving the Notice
  • 60% of issuers that use Notice and Access have less than 5,000 beneficial owners
  • Over $13.1 million were saved by issuers using Notice and Access
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Canadian Corporate Issuer Services - Release 20 Now Available

Streamline securityholder communications and management

A single-source solution helps you simplify securityholder management, efficiently navigate regulatory and compliance communication requirements and gain insights to effectively serve and engage securityholders.

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