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Account Transfer Solution

Modernize and automate inbound and outbound account transfer processing

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Automate, centralize and optimize investment account transfer activities across your wealth lines of business to provide faster access to funds, reduce costs and improve client experiences.

Traditional account transfers have been a persistent headache for the financial industry. Manual processes, multiple data updates in different systems and a lack of automation have plagued the system, leading to delays, errors and frustration for investors, advisors, and professionals.

The Broadridge Account Transfer Solution replaces manual and screen-based account transfer functions with a single platform, which enables seamless transfers across all lines of business to provide:

  • Greater operational efficiency: Reduces errors, NIGOs, redundant efforts and branch escalations by centralizing workflows, rules and dashboard reporting. Initiate transfers without manual intervention through straight through processing.
  • Enhanced advisor and client experience: Provides a digital-first, seamless client experience with status tracking and quicker, more reliable access to funds. Enables connectivity to advisor / client onboarding process.
  • Increased cost savings: Reduces costly, time-consuming manual processing and optimizes resources and head count.
  • Improved time efficiency: Reduces processing time of account transfer by up to 40%.

  • Current State
  • Dealers using spreadsheets/phones
  • No status reports available
  • High exception rates
  • Paper forms
  • Manual data entry (3x)
  • High. NIGO rates
  • Accounts for 60% of the volume
  • 100% manual
  • Client and management irritant
  • 100% manual
  • Process managed with spreadsheets and phones
  • 50% transfers are still manual
  • FTE expense, client risk and opportunity cost
  • Limited budgets
  • IT capacity
  • Broadridge Account Transfer Solution
  • Centralizes transfer processing and tracking on one platform
  • Digitizes account transfer forms and requests
  • Enables straight-through-processing (STP) between intra-firm dealers
  • Uses APIs to proactively share data with key users
  • Continues to embrace STP opportunities
  • Reduces barrier to change through stand-alone software
  • Client Benefit
  • Enabled centralized workflows
  • Status reporting
  • Decreased exception rates
  • Enabled connectivity to the advisor and onboarding process
  • Enabled STP between Broadridge and books of record
  • Automatically driven CRM and sales activities via digital messaging
  • Automation for external financial institution transfers
  • Shared service model
  • Reduced implementation and operating costs

Gain a Competitive Advantage with Standalone, Open Architecture

The Account Transfer Solution leverages proven workflow and an open API strategy to modernize inbound and outbound transfer processing. The solution gives operations leaders immediate transparency on transfer status and processing issues. It facilitates T+1 transfers between intra-Financial Institutions mutual fund, deposit and securities dealers. It supports the replacement of paper forms with digital transfer requests. This solution allows dealers to create a single enterprise center of excellence to support branch and operations processing of accounts transfers regardless of financial institution choice of onboarding, BPM tools or CRM tools.

Supports stand-alone and multi-dealer organizations. 

Now is the time to modernize legacy systems and gain a competitive edge. Don’t miss the opportunity, the cost of inaction is significant.

Contact us today to ensure your tech stack has next-generation account transfer technology.

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