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About Broadridge


Insight Creates Opportunity

Broadridge provides proprietary distribution data, targeted market research and strategic guidance by a team of in-market experts to drive your business, focus your resources and capitalize on new opportunities.

Insight Creates Opportunity

Insight Series

Benefit from a unique vantage point within the asset management industry to track and report the flow of assets through a wide-ranging and complex distribution landscape. Grounded in data and insights, we provide the expert perspective you need to drive business growth.

  • Radar: authoritative and innovative research on all aspects of global fund industry developments and dynamics
  • Perspectives: a deep analysis of key industry and global product development trends
  • Distribution 360: a 360-degree view of distribution market intelligence covering global market opportunities
  • Product Prism: an in-depth examination of opportunities, product development trends and competitive dynamics
  • Channel Navigator: complete analysis, research and forecasts structured by client segments

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