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U.S. and International Quarterly Market Review: September 2018

Review the highlights of the third quarter of 2018 and get tips for the next quarter in our latest market review video.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average was the top performing index in Q3, with considerable returns of 9 percent. The S&P 500 was the second highest, demonstrating returns of 7.2 percent and closely followed by Nasdaq at 7.1 percent. However, these results have done little to jeopardize Nasdaq’s position as the highest performing index year to date at 16.6 percent.

Our latest market review video features an economic overview, including information about the U.S budget deficit, corporate tax revenues, interest, inflation (which remains low) and the contributory factors to GDP growth (consumers, exports and government spending).  

We also look at the most recent happenings in the international markets and explore what we expect will be the biggest potential influences over the next quarter – GDP, interest rates, consumer confidence, trade developments and elections.