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Broadridge in Canada

Canadian executives Mike Dignam, Lisa Howes, Patricia Rosch and Donna Bristow chat about Broadridge's commitment to the Canadian marketplace, including the transition to digital, helping clients find greater operational efficiencies and delivering enriched customer experiences.

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Chris Perry: Broadridge is a global FinTech leader with over $7 billion in market capitalization. We provide communications, technology, data, and analytic solutions for the financial services marketplace and beyond. What Broadridge is able to do is focus on two dimensions of problems that our clients are facing. One is around cost containment and cost management.

There's still a hangover from the Global Financial Crisis and a need for them to keep costs under control to improve their return on equity. And Broadridge is positioned well to be able to do that. On the other side of the equation, Broadridge is really well positioned to give them confidence to invest in new growth areas for the organization. Our capabilities and tools will differentiate them in the marketplace and get them in a position for growth. Both of those problems Broadridge is ready to help with.

Lisa Howes: We help leaders in the global financial services industry deliver a better customer experience and improve their operational efficiencies.

Canadian firms have proven to be extremely resilient in today's ever-changing market, and one factor in that has been their investment in new FinTech solutions. They've transformed their cost space and invested in risk control frameworks that have helped them to mitigate market and operational risks. Our clients come to us to mutualize non-differentiating activities. Essentially, we take care of it for them. And because we do it for clients around the globe, it lowers each client's unit cost. We call it the network effect.

We also help them to navigate and address changing regulations, and that helps them to focus on more important things, like exceeding clients' expectations every day or driving incremental revenue. So, there's a reason that we process transactions for more than 50 markets around the world. It's because we can do it better, more cost effectively, and offer more solutions to our clients. It's just what we do. We also help our clients reach their clients with the content that they need. And of course, we help them harness the power of their data to target new growth opportunities.

You're looking to Broadridge to help you find greater operational efficiencies and deliver an enriched experience to your customers around the globe. And we're looking forward to working with you.

Michael Dignam: I have to say that I've never witnessed such a rapid pace of change on our industry, as well as never been so confident in Broadridge as an industry leader. We are well positioned to leverage our assets in this rapidly changing environment that is comprised of many key acquisitions, strategic investments, and all supported by highly engaged associates.

Broadridge leadership, in areas such as artificial intelligence, digital, cloud, and machine learning, has positioned us well for success. At the same time, our major bank dealer clients and independent firms are looking to embrace such technologies as they look to grow their businesses and expand their suite of service offerings. Broadridge is in the right place in the center of things, leading the way in FinTech. How exciting is that?

Patricia Rosch: We help our clients execute communication activities cost effectively.

And we also offer a whole new kind of communication service. Broadridge is the leader in shareholder communications. We streamline the process, navigate compliance, and even provide insights through digital analysis. Our proxy clients get higher voter participation and shareholder engagement. And because we mutualize all this, we can take the problem away from you and still cut your costs. It's a win-win.

I'd like to profile a great new innovation, the Broadridge Communications Cloud. It allows our clients to reimagine their current consumer communications, such as bills, regulatory, and marketing documents, while alerting them to perfect opportunities to reach out to their customers. So how does it work? With our digital solution, our clients' consumers receive bills and other marketing documents the way they choose based on their digital preferences.

And here's our advantage. We've already got deep relationships with Amazon, Google Drive, Evernote, Dropbox, online banking, the list is long. And that means our clients benefit from what we call a network effect. Or to put it another way, our algorithms create company/consumer matches once one of their clients chooses to get communications in any channel from any company within our digital delivery platform.

And nobody can match us at this since we already distribute communications to 80 percent of North America. It's difficult for anyone to catch up. We're able to alert our clients when one of their consumers takes an action in our digital communications platform. So, they can reach out to that client at the right time with the right message. Last but not least, my team has built a block chain pilot for proxy voting.

That means better transparency, better security, and better corporate governance.

Donna Bristow: Today, wealth management is undergoing a great transformation. At every level, customers and advisors are asking for more digital tools to assist them in managing their wealth. Broadridge solutions allow your advisors to support lead generation in customer communications, sell a complete range of products, and provide access to front, middle, and back office capabilities.

Our clients' priority is to attract and retain advisors and their customers in order to grow their assets. At Broadridge, our commitment is to digital and wealth transformation, supporting these needs today, tomorrow, and well into the future.