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Data is absolutely critical. More and more clients are using fact-based insights to help them support them in their business transformations.

Capturing, harvesting data, drawing insights and intelligence out of the data to really unlock the value of the data.

Because Broadridge sits at the center of the financial services industry, we can, for example, help an asset manager not only understand their unique distribution, but help that asset manager understand that distribution in the context of the overall market.

 Our clients send us a lot of data in order for us to perform services on their behalf, and that data is critical to business transformation. There are many challenges and obstacles that our brokers face when dealing with data.

It's incredibly important to have timely and accurate information, but in its raw state, data is not very useful.

You basically need two things. Number one, good data management skills to capture the data, to know what you have, to know what you're missing, and understand what would make that dataset even more interesting. Number two, it is deep industry expertise. Years of years of experience that would allow you to look into the data, draw conclusions, and actually know what you're looking for.

It's absolutely essential today to have deep business insights based on evidence-based data.

Clients need to have confidence in this data to be able to apply it to their business. I think that's where Broadridge comes into play.

Broadridge sits at the unique position in the financial services community. Firms need an agile, forward-thinking partner like Broadridge who anticipates change rather than reacting to it.

Our clients benefit from Broadridge data and intelligence solutions because of our unique one-stop shop that allows them to see the global asset management opportunities via a single, consistent lens.

We help asset managers understand their brand and how it's perceived by those who are influential in guiding the use of an asset manager's products.We also help asset managers understand

what's driving success in their products, which attributes drive sales, which demographics are driving sales.

Retail investors may be passionate about topics such as climate change. Within proxy vote we are going to incorporate this proxy policies and insights data, so when the retail investor is

voting on their investments, they'll be able to be alerted and notified of any climate change proposals or ESG-related proposals that may impact their investments.

Through Broadridge's global scale and global investments, we help asset managers make smarter day in, day out decisions-

To make sure our clients are always ahead of the game.

Having a trusted partner like Broadridge that can actually deploy technology at scale, leveraging intelligence and data from the industry is a critical element of success.

At Broadridge, we know what you do next matters most, and next is happening now.

Broadridge, ready for next.

Ready for next.

Data is everywhere and expanding exponentially. But data alone is just the start of the story. Leading firms unlock value from data by drawing fact-based insights and intelligence to inform smarter decisions. Start your data journey right here and be ready for next.

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