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Digitize Workflows for Superior Business Outcomes

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Digitization for our Broadridge clients means helping issuers leverage new technologies. Digitization is increasingly a way of doing business

To deliver something that is better than what was there before

Faster, easier and more accessible.

So they can be ready for next.

Digital is about creating experiences, creating efficiencies and fundamentally streamlining and automating processes along that client journey.

From a technology perspective, it means re-imagining the infrastructure, making it more flexible from a data perspective, from the ability, integrate third-party products and capabilities.

From an OPS, perspective it's around finding opportunities to improve workflows and data efficiencies. And then from a product and marketing perspective, it's the ability to create a better customer experiencethat facilitates engagement, drives opportunities and outcomes that you're looking for, all kind of wrapped up in this idea of digital.

Clients have three big obstacles. The first is re-imagining the way things need to be done.

We're all being asked to do things more quickly and things we haven't tried before.

And that really has to do as building flexible technologies that create reusable and repeatable customization. The second has to do with modernization and migrating to new platform, which is a challenge particularly if business processes are wedded to the old legacy systems.

The third has to do with talent. And, it really comes down to having the right talent and the right resources to support all of the changes that need to happen in order to get to that new digital world.

We constantly looked for ways to improve what we're doing, improve workflows, improve the client experience, we spend a lot of time thinking about what clients in the future are going to need.

Asking really difficult questions. What does the future of wealth communications look like? And how could we reimagine that future?

We need to help our clients in a way that leverages next gen technology.

Just like nine years ago, we pioneered the first virtual shareholder meeting because we had a focus on investment in technology and on digital approach. And that same focus informs our continued shift today to a digital mobile-first strategy which allows people to use their cell phones for mobile voting.

It allows 97% of the shares last year to be voted in electronic manner, and it definitely allows each issuer to reduce their carbon footprint. We hosted over 2000 Virtual Shareholder Meetings last year. And the attendance at these meetings was three times greater than anything we had seen in the past.

Broadridge is well positioned to help firms across many sizes for couple of different reasons. The first is it's deep digital expertise, the second is being a trusted partner and the third is our unique network value. And our positioning in the market allows us to connect the dots in a way that other Fintech providers might not be able to.

We're constantly thinking about these issues and what's coming next. What challenges will issuers face next? How can we bring new tools, new ideas so that you can be ready for next?

What you do next.

Matters most.

Innovate today and improve the client experience in many valuable ways. Take advantage of powerful next-gen digital technologies and automate processes, create smarter workflows and profit from greater efficiencies. Start your digital journey right here and be ready for next.

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