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Broadridge Communications Cloud for Healthcare

Reimagine your essential communications – such as EOBs, ID cards, invoices, statements and enrollment materials – and transform the member experience while gaining insights.

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Members want to choose what communications they receive, where they receive them and how they respond. Healthcare companies want to increase engagement while reducing costs. And both members and healthcare companies want to be in control of the experience. Now there is a solution that aligns the needs of both: the Broadridge Communications CloudSM.

The Communications Cloud engages your members with personalized, dynamic essential communications across 13 channels, leveraging the power of a first-of-its-kind network.

With the Communications Cloud, you can:

  • Enhance every step of the member journey with relevant communications to increase lifetime value while managing costs 
  • Create brand loyalty and market differentiation by delivering exceptional experiences consistently across all channels – from print to digital
  • Access our solutions easier and faster with our healthcare onboarding technology and processes
  • Use marketing and personalization tools to add promotional, educational and wellness information on essential communications
  • Drive ongoing operational efficiency through data and insights that measure the effectiveness of communications
  • Leverage flexible, scalable solutions that support regulatory, compliance and security requirements, including Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
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Omni-channel Delivery: With one connection, you can reach your members via a range of channels – 13 channels and growing – and gain immediate access as new channels emerge.

  • Print and postal delivery – high-speed, full-color, personalized print and postal solutions designed to engage members, reduce costs, accelerate mail delivery and provide insight into the mail stream. Leverage our volume and scale for print and postal discounts without sacrificing quality.
  • Digital delivery – traditional electronic notifications and presentment; cloud channels, like Amazon Drive, Box, Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive; digital mailboxes, such as doxo and ePost; online banking and apps, including Fiserv and Jack Henry iPay.

Reimagine the digital customer experience and grow adoption by leveraging a first-of-its-kind network of 5,000 companies that enable consumers to receive communications based on their preferences. Once consumers elect to receive communications in any channel from any company within the Communications Cloud, proprietary algorithms create additional company-consumer matches in the multi-industry network, resulting in a “network effect." Since we reach 80%+ of North American households, chances are that your members are digital with other companies in our network.

Communications Management: Engage and educate members with personalized, contextual communications.

  • Drive action and member engagement with easy-to-use tools and pre-defined templates for print and digital communications
  • Leverage document composition tools to support your print communication needs – from wellness newsletters to member letters
  • Transform static communications into dynamic digital touchpoints, including interactive PDFs and videos, to drive engagement, change behaviors and maximize channel capabilities
  • Offer members convenient ways to take action, such as pay, buy, enroll, consent and learn
  • Create revenue opportunities with direct marketing solutions and services

Information Management: Transform data into member and communication insights.

  • Accelerate the onboarding of your member communications with our patented technology and processes designed to support the healthcare industry
  • Turn your data into data that can be repurposed across all document types and channels while supporting retention requirements in a secure, searchable and conveniently accessible environment
  • Simplify management of member profiles – from initial identity validation to the capture and maintenance of preferences across all channels
  • Form a complete member view and support the wellness journey with applied analytics

Control and Administration: Manage and measure your member communications.

  • View, audit and measure the status and effectiveness of every communication 24/7/365
  • Enhance your communications, maintain visibility and meet industry standards with performance dashboards and operational, omni-channel delivery and financial reports
  • Access data and analytics for business intelligence, analysis and trending 

Reach and engage your members while you transform and control every communication. Contact us today to learn more about the Broadridge Communications Cloud.

Results you can expect from Broadridge:

  • Access innovative print, mail and digital technology without ongoing infrastructure costs
  • Achieve postal discounts and expedited delivery with consolidation, commingling and regionalization
  • Increase paperless adoption rates with digital solutions, unique direct marketing products and consultative services
  • Enhance engagement and grow revenue by delivering personalized communications and offers
  • Improve productivity with tools that streamline production, improve customer support and report on operational activity across channels
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