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Global Class Actions in 2022

Filing claims in complex class action cases is more challenging than ever.

In light of the growing volume and value of settlements, it is more important than ever to maximize recovery, but according to the 2022 Global Class Action Report, claimants face growing administrative challenges that affect their ability to file a comprehensive, complete and correct claim.

Old class periods mean you need to dig deeper to document all transactions.

Records are usually kept for only seven years, making it very difficult to document transactions.

Complex loss formulas require significantly more time and expertise to determine the recognized loss amount.

Formulas may require multiple calculations based on relevant law, security type and transaction date.

  1. Luckin Coffee Inc. Securities Litigation
  2. Precious Metals Antitrust Litigations
  3. SIBOR/SOR Antitrust Litigation
  4. Spectrum Brands and HRG Group Securities Litigations
  5. Steinhoff Global Settlement
  6. Teva Securities Litigation
  7. Twitter Securities Litigation

Securities traded on an international exchange add more layers of complexity

A higher level of review may be required to locate and confirm all eligible security purchases.

  1. Airbus SE
  2. Blackberry Limited Securities Litigation
  3. CannTrust Global Settlement
  4. Crown Resorts Securities Litigation
  5. Steinhoff Global Settlement
  6. Teva Securities Litigation

Requirements for detailed supporting documentation can create a mountain of paperwork.

Voluminous supporting documentation requires greater organization, and may create opportunities for errors by the claim administrator.

  1. Airbus SE
  2. CannTrust Global Settlement
  3. Dakota Plains Security Litigation
  4. Steinhoff Global Settlement

See the whole picture.

Download our global class action annual report for full details on the most complex securities class action cases of 2022.
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