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ESG Performance Dashboard

Discover and monitor the factors that drive your ESG performance

The Broadridge ESG Performance Dashboard is a single web-based solution designed for seamless assessment of your performance across environment, community, employees and governance. Access unparalleled industry insights and gain a comprehensive view of the factors impacting your ranking. Now, you can execute your ESG strategy with confidence.

Accelerate your ESG strategy with access to our extensive data repository

Working with CSRHub, a leader in sourced ESG ratings data, our dashboard draws upon 700 ratings sources—aggregating 300 million data points to deliver a clear perspective of how the world sees your ESG performance.

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Corporate Consensus Ratings for holistic ESG performance analysis
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Benchmarking against peers
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Industry and country comparators
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Identification of data sources for you and your peers
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Up to 5 years of trend data

ESG Performance Dashboard

Everyone is looking at ESG. Now, you can see exactly where you stand. This quick demo showcases industry wide insights and peer benchmarking available to you right now.

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ESG performance analysis powered by industry-leading technology

Data Points on Sustainability and ESG Performance.
Ratings for Global Companies.
Extensive Data Repository.

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