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Print & Postal Optimization Suite

Your mailings deserve the most advanced printing and delivery processes available. They deserve Broadridge.

Mail never looked so good.

As North America’s largest transactional printer, our high-speed, full-color inkjet equipment and ability to personalize bills and statements, as well as the inside and outside of envelopes, offers tremendous opportunities to engage customers.

Printing in full color on plain white paper eliminates the need for costly pre-printed stocks and warehousing costs while insulating you from the turmoil of corporate identity changes. Need to represent multiple brand identities and colors in the same mailing? We can do that, too.

Quality, Scalability and Attention to Detail

At Broadridge, our factory control processes are second to none, enabling quality control from data-to-doorstep. While our size, scale and redundancy planning enables us to produce 5 billion communications a year, we have the people and processes to ensure that every job gets equal attention and meets quality standards.

Mailing Done Right

Optimizing mailings for your budget and your customers is a complex process requiring:

  • Clean, up-to-date address data
  • Consolidation of mailpieces
  • Sorting of print streams in delivery order
  • Delivery tracking and reporting
  • Returned mail processing and shredding

Address Direct® for Clean, Up-To-Date Data

Address Direct enables systematic database updates, reducing the costs, time and resources associated with manual updates. Address Direct provides a range of automated address processing and hygiene tools to improve database integrity including:

  • CASS Address Standardization formats addresses to USPS® standards and assigns current ZIP codes, or identifies addresses as incorrect or incomplete.
  • DPV® delivery point validation confirms the address is deliverable.
  • LACSLink® provides updated addresses for areas that have undergone permanent address conversions, such as rural route to city-street style address and renamed/renumbered city-style addresses.
  • SuiteLink® appends secondary address information for businesses, such as a suite number.
  • Address Element Correction reduces return mail and qualifies mail for automation discounts by resolving U.S. and U.S. territories’ addresses with CASS errors. Mailing addresses are corrected or identified as uncorrectable.
  • NCOALink® Move Update (pre-mailing) and ACS address change service processing (post-mailing) work together to satisfy USPS Move Update requirements for up to 18 months.

North America’s largest transactional printer, our high-speed, full-color inkjet equipment and ability to personalize bills and statements.

Consolidate Mail with Statementpacks and Xpacks

USPS-compliant StatementPacks® allow individual accountholder or household mailings to be bundled into a single carrier for delivery to the same address. Each accountholder-specific communication remains in its own envelope within the package, maintaining privacy.

Our proprietary Xpack solution combines up to 20 sheets into a 6x9 expandable envelope, leveraging the postal rates of a letter-sized envelope.

Smart Commingling: Organize Your Mail Before It’s Printed

Smart ComminglingSM determines the best path to maximize mailing efficiency by logically analyzing address data and applying the right combination of electronic and mechanical presort for your specific print and mail distribution.

Presorting enables your mailings to reach a higher mail density. Because it has fewer postal touch points and qualifies for finer ZIP Code sorting, the mail reaches your customers without holiday or weekend delays—and you qualify for lower postal rates.

Close the Loop On Mailing Processes

PredictionPro Mail Tracking provides detailed reporting of delivery status for inbound and outbound mail to help manage call center efficiency and prevent unnecessary dunning notices or follow-up mailings. 

Unfortunately, companies in the financial and insurance industries are legally required to send mail to the last known address even if USPS systems indicate a change of address has been submitted. This results in significant and avoidable costs. With our “No Touch” Return Mail automated solution, your undeliverable mail goes through the same automated mail-piece-level tracking performed on your outgoing mail. Closed-loop processes provide address details, reasons for return and PDF copies of the original documents that were undeliverable and online reports so customer follow-up can be conducted. Returned mail is securely shredded with the exception of the undeliverable pieces without an Intelligent Mail® barcode, which are returned to the client to review and process. You can save mailing and postage costs—up to $20 per piece—by applying our full suite of address hygiene products throughout the mailing process.

Postal Quality Requires a Continuum of Care

It’s scary to think that thousands of your carefully crafted communications may never reach your customers, but the volume of Undeliverable as Addressed (UAA) mail actually increased to a total of 6.6 billion pieces1. In fact:

  • 23.6% of all mail sent in the U.S. is addressed inaccurately1
  • Over 40 million Americans move every year1
  • Approximately 2.3 million U.S. businesses file changes of address each year1

Based on these and other factors, the quality of stored U.S. addresses declines 17% per year1.

Since undelivered mail can result in missed income and lost opportunities to communicate with customers, the value of address quality is significant in dollars and in customer relationships.

Quality mailing requires a quality process that starts with data and doesn’t end until delivery is verified and reported. Broadridge’s Print and Postal Optimization Suite provides the tools you need every step of the way.

Broadridge completed its annual SSAE18 attestation, validating our well-designed internal controls and operations across all sites. The standard is used to define how companies report on compliance controls; requires companies to take more control and responsibility of third-party vendors; and includes a comprehensive risk management assessment. The attestation speaks to Broadridge’s continuous commitment to operational excellence.

1 Source: USPS® 2016

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