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Are Virtual Shareholder Meetings Right for Your Fund?

With the ability to hold successful Virtual Shareholder Meetings (VSM) now proven, your fund should consider how VSMs fit into your upcoming shareholder meeting plans.

Choose From Three Meeting Formats

There are three fundamental models to consider: an all-virtual meeting, a hybrid meeting that allows shareholders to attend in person or online, or a traditional in-person meeting format.

  • Virtual meetings take place online using audio-only, or audio with video. Registered and beneficial shareholders attend the meeting remotely after being verified. The virtual platform allows participants to access meeting documents, ask questions and vote.
  • Hybrid meetings give shareholders the option to attend and participate either in person or virtually, online via audio-only, or audio with video. All verified shareholders, whether attending in person or remotely, can vote and ask questions during the hybrid meeting.
  • In-person meetings require shareholders to physically attend in order to vote and ask questions. While these meetings may be live- streamed, those watching remotely can only observe.

Options Where You Are

As of this publication, the only states that limit your choice of models are Massachusetts and New Mexico (limited to hybrid and in person) and South Carolina (in person, only)1. To identify the right model for your business, it is important to consider your shareholders. VSM and hybrid models offer greater transparency, plus the option to ask questions and vote without being physically in attendance.

The Guidance You Require

Creating a VSM is more involved than creating a webinar or telecast. Meaning, you can’t just set up a video feed and some polling options. There’s a lot at stake, so it’s imperative that you get it right.

The right partner will model their VSM/hybrid meeting management on the most recent CSA guidance. They will keep you apprised of all new required developments, put you in control, and bring proven expertise to every meeting, keeping the process simple and shareholder friendly, from beginning to end.

What You Can Expect

When working with Broadridge, the VSM process begins with changing your meeting location. Instead of, or in addition to including a physical location, you will include a website address in your proxy statement or press release. Shareholders that request access will be validated, can submit pre-meeting questions, and will receive a unique event password to use on meeting day. While attending the VSM, shareholders can view materials, hear questions answered and cast their vote. During the meeting, your organization will have the ability to drive content, record activity for compliance, monitor attendance, post materials and chat with participants.

Broadridge Can Help

If you have been tasked with exploring your fund’s VSM options, please download our article, More Access. Less Risk. Top five considerations for choosing a VSM partner.


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