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Reconciliation Realities

Broadridge’s Philip Taliaferro examines the value of operational control as a strategic asset.

Reconciliation Realities

Reconciliation remains an integral part of the international financial system and is a process that has evolved from one of "data comparison" to "management of operational control".

Organizations are now searching for ways to find greater value from the data derived from reconciliation while also seeking opportunities to modernize how this function is performed.

In this Global Investor article, Philip Taliaferro, Head of Strategy for Broadridge EMEA/APAC, explores how firms are awakening to the realization that data received and compared as part of the reconciliation process can be a strategic asset, generating business intelligence and enabling risk mitigation. He reviews the key characteristics that define reconciliation model maturity and how new technologies, such as robotic process automation and machine learning, can be applied to allow an organization to re-imagine its operational control function.