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Onboarding, Redefined

If your clients need to visit a physical office to open a new account, you’re going to get left behind. Michael Dignam explains three main ways wealth management firms are redefining new-client onboarding.

Onboarding, Redefined

Fintech firms are poised to revolutionize the market. They attract new investors and woo veteran investors with lower fees and a more seamless client experience. And they’ve absolutely nailed new-client onboarding: Download an app. Enter an email. Create a password. Link a bank account. And you’re done. 

In under five minutes, most anyone can create a new account with a micro-investment platform; attracting Millennials in large numbers. 

It’s no wonder, then, that traditional wealth management firms struggle to keep up.... 

In this article from, Michael Dignam explains how wealth management firms are redefining new-client onboarding.