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No Longer SciFi–Leveraging AI in Capital Markets Operations

Getting to intelligent automation.

No Longer SciFi–Leveraging AI in Capital Markets Operations

I am looking forward to participating in a partner workshop panel at SIFMA’s Operations Conference & Exhibition this year in Boca Raton on May 7th. The partner workshop is organized by Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc. and titled “No Longer SciFi - How Capital Markets and Wealth Firms Are Already Leveraging AI and ML in Their Operations.” You can find out more from Broadridge here. This panel follows from a similar and well-attended event last year in Phoenix. It's going to be exciting as this is clearly a continual hot topic and one where there are actual deployments being done and technology investments underway.


At Celent, we have been talking a lot recently about the digital transformation of capital markets (and wealth management) and the deployment of emerging technologies to drive automation and efficiency, such as robotic process automation (RPA), artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML). For deeper insight, see a report on Intelligent Automation by my colleague Arin Ray available for download via Broadridge here

We regularly speak to dozens of institutions (investment banks, exchanges, broker dealers, asset managers and custodians to name a few) about their use of AI/ML/RPA across their organizations. We identify tools and technologies that can be used by firms to transform their middle and back office operations. Many of these firms are using RPA to drive efficiency through automation in the back and middle office. The use cases for machine learning are very active and growing. Some of the more innovative firms are deploying AI/ML in their operations today. 

AI/ML and RPA are making significant inroads in post-trade operations, automating many manual processes. We see several use cases emerging across operational risk and compliance, including reconciliation and exception management. Another interesting area where AI/ML is being deployed today is in market surveillance, where firms are trying to leverage advances in data, analytics, machine learning and AI to stop bad behaviors before they occur.


At the Broadridge panel, I will bring some examples with me to the discussion on use cases and deployments of AI/ML/RPA across capital markets and wealth. Since I am briefed by the providers of AI/ML/RPA in capital markets, I will include a variety of examples. My goal will be to educate the audience on where AI+ML+RPA is being used today in capital markets and to provide inspiration for deeper investigation. 

It will be interesting to see how Michael Tae at Broadridge in corporate strategy looks at AI/ML and how RP Sandilya advises his clients on best practices. Bob Anselmo of UBS will be on the panel, and it will be great to see his adoption across the wealth management business in the Americas and where else he is testing these technologies across his firm. I hope you will join me at the session.