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How to Accelerate Digital Adoption in 2021

Five Insights in 500 Words.

Pandemic disruption in 2020 only confirmed what we already know: Digital customer experiences will make or break your success.

No matter what industry you’re in, customers expect the simplicity and convenience that digital experiences can provide. So, you have to keep pushing forward.

Here are five ways to accelerate digital adoption in 2021.

#1 Prioritize engagement 

Forward-thinking organizations recognize that every communication is an opportunity to engage customers and build the brand. But that means investing in digital experiences that prioritize engagement.  

When you focus on engagement, it enables you to reframe the conversation by putting customers at the center. That matters because customer-centric experiences are more likely to drive adoption. In fact, a recent Broadridge survey shows that 69 percent say they would transition remaining print communication to digital if the business created more engaging digital experiences.

#2 Use QR codes 

You can enhance the digital customer experience even further by using QR codes as a print-to-digital bridge. Plenty of customers still prefer print communications.  They’re not necessarily technologically unsophisticated. They know their way around an iPhone, and they appreciate the reduced friction and convenience of being able to seamlessly transition between channels.

By adding QR codes to your print communications, you help promote digital habits that can lead to full digital adoption.

#3 Inspire action with a “push, then pull” approach  

Consider deploying what we call a “push, then pull” approach. “Push” the customer to interactive microsites where you can add value through information delivery and more engaging experiences. Then “pull” the customer back into the secure portal where they can effectively manage their account.

This approach helps create impactful experiences that are more likely to drive the action you want customers to take.

#4 Consolidate your communications 

Legacy platforms are one of the biggest hurdles to digital adoption. Different verticals and lines of business have their own systems and communication cadence. The result: A fragmented, ad-hoc customer experience.

Consider centralizing all communications onto a single platform. This will help de-duplicate messages and facilitate more accurate reporting and analytics. It also helps everyone across the organization access the same archive and view customer preferences in one place.

Along with operational cost savings, consolidating communications will help drive a more holistic customer experience.

#5 Test and optimize 

When it comes to driving digital adoption, you don’t need to be an expert and you don’t need to get it right the first time. However, you do need a readiness to experiment and a willingness to course correct based on new data.

Testing empowers you to learn as you go. Start by running A/B pilots. See what trends emerge. Also try gathering your customers’ voice through surveys and other feedback tools. Eventually, you’ll see patterns that show what works and what doesn’t. From there, just test and re-test. Every test will help you identify opportunities to improve adoption rate.

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