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How Do Disruptive Technologies Impact Customer Communications?

From wearables and personalized videos to mobile eco-systems and voice command, technology is dramatically changing how we think about customer communications, according to guest speaker Matt Swain, Senior Director of Customer Communications Advisory Services at Keypoint Intelligence-InfoTrends, at our recent webinar, “What’s Next in Customer Communications?”

To start, there’s a shift to even more mobile platforms and mobile ecosystems, a form of consolidation of services that allows a consumer to go to one destination and then have access to that content across channels or across their providers.

In addition to mobile, the use of Touch ID is changing the way consumers log in to their accounts, solving the burden of having to remember multiple user IDs and passwords. Touch ID is enabling better authentication and entrance into secure websites. We’re also seeing what comes after touch, including facial recognition (e.g., smile to pay) and voice recognition (e.g., “Alexa, please pay my bill.”) These technologies are disrupting the way consumers think about paying our bills while creating a more frictionless payment environment.

Keypoint Intelligence-InfoTrends asked consumers, “If you had an in-home voice command device, how likely would you be to use it to interact with your providers to review account balances and initiate bill payments?” It’s no surprise that the results showed that the younger demographic is more likely to use voice command devices; however, 55% of consumers surveyed said they would check their account balances and 49% would use it to pay their bills – roughly half of the consumer base.

Matt advises, “You don’t need to chase the latest, greatest, shiniest object that’s out there. You definitely want to review the importance, the costs of moving in that direction, and any other implications, but keep an open mind to emerging channels and don’t stay in that traditional mindset.”

Staying on top of these emerging technologies and channels ensures you’re providing the experience that your consumers want.

Learn more about what’s next in customer communications by clicking here for the full webinar recording.