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How Asset Managers Turn Complex Data into Actionable Insights

Investment management firms are increasingly leveraging data analytics to gain a competitive advantage in what is becoming a very saturated market.

Data Complexity – Overcome the challenge and seize the opportunity

visual analytics complex data

Right now, asset management firms are struggling to gain actionable insights from their increasingly complex data flows. A recent Deloitte survey concluded that up to 73% of all data remains unused  for analytics.1  At the same time, a report by Gartner – a research group – found  “more than 87% of organizations are classified as having low business intelligence (BI) and analytics maturity.”2

visual analytics complex data

In an environment where complicated regulations are widespread and performance is tough to come by, an absence of quality data analytics capabilities risks putting fund managers at a strategic disadvantage. The industry appears to be acknowledging its shortcomings, with 60% of asset managers telling Broadridge that they plan to increase spending on digital and data analytics in the next two years.3 Now is the time for asset managers to recognize the importance of data analytics. 

visual analytics complex data

Keeping Up with Evolving Markets

Poor data processing capabilities can lead to narrowing profit margins at investment firms. This is because legacy infrastructure and outdated processes can negatively affect productivity and threaten business sustainability.4 As market conditions rapidly evolve and administrative demands continue to expand, gaining actionable insights to increase yield and manage risk will be a key factor in maintaining and growing your business. The right tools will help managers make smarter decisions in real-time.5

Addressing Rising Regulatory Requirements 

The growing regulatory burden on portfolio managers and investors also underscores the need for deeper visibility and greater data processing efficiencies. Without advanced data capabilities, rising regulatory compliance demands in these areas will continue to draw away critical resources. Asset management firms that delay digital transformation may find it difficult to keep up with new and changing regulations.

A powerful yet cost-effective solution based on data science that quickly analyzes complex data flows and adjusts to changing regulations can provide asset management firms with a substantial competitive advantage.6

Meeting New Demands of Client Centricity

Robust data analytics will be critical in shoring up client relationships, especially among tech-savvy Generation X and Y investors. Delivering a digital customer experience and services for younger clients is an integral part of today’s investment management. Firms that do not prioritize digitization are at an all-too-real risk of disintermediation.

To retain the loyalty of Generation X and Y clients, asset managers need actionable insights into the complex data derived across investment performance, sector exposure analysis, risk profiles, trading decisions and commission channels. This can help managers provide real-time, comprehensive reporting to clients in a digital format.

The Ideal Approach to Data Complexity

Managing data complexity requires firms to adopt an intuitive, integrated dashboard that interfaces directly with their data flows to avoid adding to legacy or existing IT footprints. Innovation at this scale also needs to be agile and provide critical transparency as it monitors and processes data to ensure proper trade execution, regulatory compliance, efficiency and reporting accuracy. 

The Broadridge Visual Analytics solution combines unrivaled data warehouse and proprietary, cutting-edge data processing capabilities in partnership with Tableau Software’s industry-leading data visualization for integrated self-service access to individualized analytics, customizable digital reports and interactive dashboards.

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