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Capacity, Scalability and Agility: The New Principles of Corporate Actions in 2020

Published in The Network Forum Journal, we present key findings from global market research, ‘Asset Servicing Innovation’.

61% of firms in our industry have paid out more than US$2 million in corporate actions compensation in the last 24 months, according to the latest ValueExchange/Broadridge ‘Asset Servicing Innovation’ survey (run in cooperation with The Network Forum, ISSA, ASIFMA and Global Custodian).

In an era of extreme cost control and risk governance, few areas of our businesses are allowed to sustain such huge losses without very serious scrutiny. Yet somehow there is a collective fatigue around the corporate actions space. We’ve seen the big numbers many times before and yet we’ve managed to survive this far – so why would we put corporate actions at the top of our investments list now?

The answer: because 2020 has seen the world of corporate actions change significantly.


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