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Broadridge Offers Multi-Tenant Managed Data Service with Focus on Data Quality

In this article, Broadridge Investment Management Solutions president Bennett Egeth discusses the firm's multi-tenet, managed data service for both buy- and sell-side firms that focuses on data quality.

Broadridge Offers Multi-Tenant Managed Data Service with Focus on Data Quality

A recent article published by (RDR) recognizes Broadridge’s commitment to data quality and unique place in the market with our multi-tenant Managed Data Service. The service provides a streamlined way to deliver the highest quality data across your organization through a single, neutral provider, and was recently recognized as Best Managed Service for Reference Data in the 2015 Inside Reference Data Awards – for the third consecutive year.

With potential cost savings from this solution in the $100 million range, it’s worth investigating. On average, Managed Data Service delivers:

  • 25% improvement in data quality
  • 30% TCO reduction
  • 10 years of Broadridge expertise in data management solutions

According to RDR, “Broadridge has built on its experience of delivering managed services for reference data with the provision of a multi-tenant managed service that has a focus on data quality and is designed for both buy and sell side firms.” In the article, Bennett Egeth, president of investment management solutions at Broadridge says: “Industry operations are no longer a competitive differentiator. Good data should be an expectation and bad data a differentiator.”