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5 Steps You Can Take Now to Better Target Millennials

White paper provides steps you can take now to better target millennials.

5 Steps You Can Take Now to Better Target Millennials

It’s clear that with their game-changing influence and investment outlook, Millennials are requiring companies to rethink their business and develop creative strategies. This final blog of our five-part series based on our white paper Targeting the Digital Generation will provide the steps you can take now to better target Millennials.

5 Steps for Targeting Millennials:

1) Get the foundation right.
Do what is needed to make your company’s systems able to pull together data and content from internal and external sources and perform the analytics that will serve as a basis for both serving customers and marketing to prospects. This is a major project that may take more than a year to complete.

2) Go “bionic”.
Put that data and analytics into tools instantly available to associates and train them in how to use these tools to provide seamless, highly personalized support to customers in achieving their holistic goals. Consider using internal teams that include members closer to their age to give Millennials the kind of instantly available service they want.

3) Put it in context.
Use your data and analytics as a basis for all your marketing and customer relationship efforts. This will help ensure that every “touchpoint” includes content and messaging relevant to the customer or prospect’s situation, preferences, and interests.

4) Put technology at the center.
With analytics as a solid foundation, and the other “SMAC stack” basics of social, mobile and cloud in place—along with 24/7 customer portals designed to the highest standards—build the most cutting-edge technology into every aspect of the business. Look beyond the commonplace to find what’s new to ensure you keep up with developments and offer the services that Millennials want.

5) Make it omni.
Millennials expect and depend upon the agility that technology provides. This requires an omni-channel approach that is strong enough to cater to the changes in attitudes and technology that are sure to come. Plan for flexibility and avoid creating processes that are “locked down.” Instead, look to unlock technology to allow for quick and easy improvements to features, functionality and the overall client experience.

Remember that Millennials are only the first generation of digital natives: the next one is right behind.