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Drive Revenue Growth

Harness the power of data to target new growth opportunities.

Drive Revenue Growth

More data is available at our fingertips today than ever before. But without the ability to make sense of it and transform it into actionable information, that data becomes mere noise.

People want actionable insights that lead to smart decisions that drive efficiency, improve productivity and deliver strong returns. For some, this means determining what products to focus on for growth. Others may see it as identifying which customers offer the most potential and then creating a personalized plan to transform that potential into revenue. It could also be about delivering the information customers need over the right communication channels to raise visibility and convert engagement into new business opportunities.

Broadridge is uniquely positioned to connect and deliver a broad range of insights to our clients, ranging from asset flow and fund performance to customer data like mobile usage and automotive records.

As a result of the solutions we provide to the financial services industry, we are able to harness the power of rich data to provide intelligence and actionable insights to help wealth managers grow their businesses. More than 80,000 financial advisors use our platforms every day, and we serve over 900 of the world’s leading banks and brokerage firms.

Broadridge offers asset managers unprecedented access to a new level of information, allowing them to align sales and marketing resources effectively and gain a competitive edge. Our data solutions allow investment managers the ability to find new growth opportunities more easily.

Over 5,000 brands entrust us to deliver their communications to 138 million customers. By working with Broadridge, clients have unparalleled access to data and insights on customer behaviours and preferences that can ultimately help businesses design better customer experiences, positively impacting retention and market share gains.

Our clients also benefit from the breadth and depth of our technology and operations solutions that allow them to take advantage of new opportunities and break into new markets. For example, Broadridge helps leading financial services firms expand their international investing capability across more than 70 markets. Firms gain the advantage of growing their global investing capabilities without investing extensively in new technology, additional operations centres or local-expert staffing.

Broadridge solutions empower companies to scale their businesses and free up resources that will allow them to fuel growth today, and well into the future.

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