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Despite many positive enhancements to proxy communications, funds continue to see declines in participation. Shareholder apathy, regulatory constraints and reduced discretionary voting all contribute to increasing costs and time needed to reach quorum.

  • Three main challenges to reaching quorum
  • Education and shareholder apathy
  • Regulatory constraints
  • The reduction in discretionary voting

Now, a combination of automation and digital communications can help transform the proxy process. Discover how these new tools can help increase shareholder engagement and uphold corporate governance best practices. Check out the excerpts below—and download our whitepaper today.

Innovative Solutions to Reaching Quorum Faster

Advanced analytics enable funds to better target communications. A fund company with 100+ funds sent targeted reminder communications to the 52% of shareholders with a prior history of voting and cut 30 days from the typical return date.

  • See how one forum reached quorum faster by targeting shareholders most likely to vote.

Mobile App Makes It Easier For Shareholders to Participate in Corporate Governance

The Broadridge ProxyVoteTM mobile app allows shareholders to set voting preferences, receive timely notifications, access key documents and vote in proxy campaigns. ProxyVote enables a more informed, streamlined voting experience for retail shareholders.

Regulatory Reform Can Also Improve The Proxy Process

As an industry, we should all be looking for ways to improve the proxy process while maintaining a commitment to good corporate governance and voter engagement. Regulatory reforms (such as AVIs and 40 Act updates) could also provide alternative approaches that will help funds get to quorum more efficiently without compromising investor protection or undermining corporate governance.

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